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Blackburn's Chapel COVID protocols

As we return to being able to offer in-person worship, and continue offering other outdoor gatherings, your health and safety remains a top priority.  Here's what you can expect:

In-Person Worship

  • Masks are required for all worship attendees

  • Worship leaders, who are all fully vaccinated, will only remove their masks when speaking/singing

  • Communion elements have been prepared following safety guidelines, worshipers will come forward to receive the elements one at a time, but will take them back at their seats

  • The congregation may sing quietly sing or hum during hymns

  •  We currently "pass the peace" from our seats and no offering plates are passed

  • The congregation is encouraged to gather outdoors after the service (instead of remaining in the sanctuary)

  • Weather permitting, the front and back doors will remain open for ventilation

Bonfires and other outdoor gatherings

  • Masks are encouraged when not eating/drinking

  • Food/drink will be served in such a way to limit contact

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