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What to Expect?


Blackburns' Chapel is known for its friendly and intimate personality. You’ll feel

as you walk through the doors of the church that everyone matters and is

embraced. No matter where you are on your faith journey, we welcome you!

Blackburns' is a safe place to question and explore, and to gradually grow in

faith and service within a loving community that feels like family!


Our unique and beautiful setting in the heart of Todd gives us the privilege

to witness God in the beauty of creation each week. We regularly gather

in our church with the doors of the church fully open when its warm or

gazing through our large chapel windows when it’s colder to notice the

splendor of nature surrounding us. Blackburns' is always full of good

surprises whether it’s one of the friendly neighborhood dogs that strolls through

our open doors to join us, a spontaneous eruption of laughter throughout the

congregation in the middle of Sunday worship, or an unexpected friendship that develops around the table or fire pit.  Blackburns' is truly a place that is fun, relaxed and hospitable!




Blackburns' Chapel’s mission is connecting with Christ, and through Christ connecting with each other and our neighbors. We accomplish this mission through contagious hospitality, radical service and mission, rejuvenating worship, and intentional spiritual growth.



Our vision is to be a growing and dynamic rural church that cultivates restoration, joy and love among our members, in Todd and beyond through the resurrecting grace and power of Jesus Christ. We envision being a bridge-building church, between the older and younger, the churched and spiritually exploring, Tradition and innovation, the church and community, newcomers and long-time locals, part-timers and full-timers,  people and creation, rich and poor, insiders and outcasts, faith and action,

head and heart, suffering and compassion, who you’ve been and

who you’re becoming.


Core Values


Hospitality – Every person and every place matters

Compassion – Supporting one another towards healing

Commitment – Actions speak the loudest

Gratitude – Small in size, BIG in love

Humility – We need each other

Peace – Serenity and joy in the midst of pain

Growth – Journey together spiritually

Forgiveness – Restoration, reconciliation, becoming one

Sanctuary window representing spring and Trinity. Designed by local artist and church member, Martha Enzmann.

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