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Blackburns' Chapel Art

Helping Scripture and faith come alive through engaging visual arts 

Stained Glass Windows 

Local artist and church member Martha Enzmann designed 11 new stained glass windows for the foyer and sanctuary, which were installed in 2016.  The windows are offered as a pilgrimage of light paralleling the seasons of life and Christ, physically and metaphorically unifying a small rural church with its gardening mission and magnificent natural surroundings.  The flowers represented in the windows are all native, some found only in the Appalachian mountains of northwest North Carolina.  They are hand-crafted by Statesville Stained Glass Company, a family-owned company operating for over 40 years in Statesville, NC.

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Stations of the Cross

Martha Enzmann and Karen Butch created the Chapel's 14 Stations of the Cross, which are put up for self-guided reflection and contemplation on Good Friday. You can experience and reflect on these Stations of the Cross from wherever you are using this video made for Good Friday 2020 or using this reflection guide

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Tapestries and altar cloths 

Other art that is displayed throughout the year include the painting of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, which was painted for the Chapel in 1949, altar cloths made by Martha Enzmann, and wall hangings made by Jaime McGirt Gundlach,  Matt Gundlach, Ingrid Nora Knight. 

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Nativity Procession

During our Christmas Eve services, we invite all ages to participate in a procession where we bring in figures of those present at Jesus' birth (and some other animals we imagine could have been in the stable!)


Nativity Display

This year we also created a "modern nativity" community art project during our Advent Art gatherings, with the help of local artists John Lee and Martha Enzmann

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Advent Art

These were all contributing artists to the nativity display made during Advent 2022

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